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Instability signals the brain and nervous system to put the brakes on power output because it feels threatened. A lack of stability is threat to your nervous system. That which enhances performance, prevents injury.

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What should I expect from at my appointment?
If you’ve ever had Physiotherapy, Osteopathy or Chiropractic then you’ll know what to expect. We will sit down in the clinic, chat about you current concerns & injury. We will talk about your medical history and go through a physical assessment to ensure you’re given the best course of treatment. In the rare case that it is required this maybe onward referral i.e Surgical consult but most likely a course of treatment at the clinic is all that’s needed to get you back on track.

What should I bring?
Please bring any relevant medical information & loose comfortable clothes (or sportswear) as the assessment will require the clinician to see the affected area and general movement. This may require an amount of undress typically Gents wear shorts and ladies shorts and a sports bra.

How old do I have to be?
There’s no age limit. However anyone under 16 MUST be accompanied by their parent in the clinic!

Do you accept Insurance referral?
Currently no insurance referrals are accepted although this may change in the future so please call to check.

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